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From top to bottom, company is loaded with class. Loring Smith is standout as the tightfisted Horace Vandergilder. Comedy in two acts , by Michael Stewart, based on original play by Thornton Wilder. The part was described as a tall, lanky blond boy who wants to be an actor. Mr. B handed Carleton a script and said, “Go in there and read the play”.

Carleton Carpenter

They are passionate about turning your everyday moments into memories and bringing you inspiring ideas to have fun with your family. Carleton Carpenter received a lifetime achievement award in 2012 from Cinecom, a Hollywood organization. Carleton’s last work in the film industry was ‘The American Snitch’. The movie came out in 1983, and Carleton Carpenter played the role of Arthur. Childhood And EducationCarleton Carpenter was born in Bennington, Vermont, in 1926 to Carleton Upham Carpenter Sr. and an unidentified mother.

Best known for “Two Weeks with Love” with Debbie Reynolds. Like many actors from New York, he first started his career in Broadway in “Bright Boy” in 1944 after serving in the Navy during WWII. He was featured in “Campus Hoopla” and was later brought to Hollywood in 1949. Carpenter gained fame when he teamed up with Debbie Reynolds in “Three Little Words” and “Two Weeks with Love” . He would then appear in the lead roles of “Fearless Fagan” and “Sky Full of Moon” . After 1953, he exited films for stage, television, and radio work.

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Carleton felt that Loring Smith as Vandergelder was “pretty good”. He also loved David Burns, “The dirtiest old man who ever lived.” The first day he was in the theatre with David, David walked in and his first words to him were, “You want your joint cocked? Mary Martin gives title role her own interpretation and Miss Martin has never been known to take a backseat to anybody.

And then this person went out with the Betty Grable company. They were in Omaha when Carleton went out to see the production. He was sitting in the back row of the theater. The show was just about to start when the guy from the box office came over to him and told him that Gower was on the phone and wanted to speak with him. He was directing the scene in which she says, “I think I’ll have these walls re-done with blue wallpaper.” He wanted Ginger facing up stage. She responded by saying, “Miss Rogers does not turn her back on her audiences!

  • For Warner Brothers and, much later, the independent films Cauliflower Cupids and Some of My Best Friends Are…
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  • When he was doing Crazy For You with Karen Ziemba, he had a whole section of I Got Rhythm was right out of Gower’s style.
  • Carleton’s last work in the film industry was ‘The American Snitch’.
  • He felt like no one could compare to Marilynn Lovell.

In addition to his many successful movies during this time, Carpenter is remembered in the 1970s and 1980s as a best-selling mystery novelist. One of his books, Deadhead, was turned into a Broadway musical production. Other books included Games Murderers Play, Cat Got Your Tongue?

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The next day, the Champions and Carleton returned to the states as Mr. Merrick stayed behind to deal with business matters. After ten days, he returned to the theater to show Gower and Mister Merrick how he could work around this. For example, in the “It Takes A Woman” number, if there was a stationary broom in the Hay and Feed Store, he could jump up, grab it, and swing around it.

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Access the best of Getty Images and iStock with our simple subscription plan. Millions of high-quality images, video, and music options are waiting for you. Started his Broadway career with a role in David Merrick’s 1944 production Bright Boy.

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