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However, the total trading volume dropped as much as 6 per cent, close to $41.98 billion. The global cryptocurrency market cap was trading higher at the $1.15 trillion mark, rising as much as 6.49 per cent in the last 24 hours. The total trading volume climbed almost 29 per cent, close to $87.71 billion.

But based on its recent boom — and a forecast by Snapchat’s first investor, Jeremy Liew, that it would hit $500,000 by 2030 — and the prospect of grabbing a slice of the Bitcoin pie becomes far more attractive. One of the biggest winners is Axie Infinity — a Pokémon-inspired game where players collect Axies , breed and battle them against other players to earn Smooth Love Potion — the in-game reward token. This game was extremely popular in developing countries like The Philippines, due to the decent income they can earn. Players in the Philippines can check the price of SLP to PHP today directly on CoinMarketCap. Fantom network was able to log more than 300,000 active weekly users which is a 4% decrease from the 325,000 users tracked the past week. Hackers who drained around $625 million from the Ronin Bridge attack in March have transferred funds from Ethereum to the Bitcoin network using pr…

  • The global cryptocurrency market cap was trading marginally lower at the $1.09 trillion mark, dropping about a per cent in the last 24 hours.
  • The Australian government announced plans to token map all digital assets in its crypto asset sector as it intensifies efforts to protect consumer…
  • Australia’s consumer watchdog will take Facebook owner Meta to court over the publishing of scam cryptocurrency investment ads that feature celebrity faces.
  • As a company and team, we are very aware that not all coins and projects have good intentions.
  • The crypto market saw a bearish week, with Bitcoin falling nearly 10 per cent in the last seven days.

As a financial metric, market cap allows you to compare the total circulating value of one cryptocurrency with another. Large cap cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have a market cap of over $10 billion. They typically consist of protocols that have demonstrated track records, and have a vibrant ecosystem of developers maintaining and enhancing the protocol, as well as building new projects on top of them.

Bizarre QR code Super Bowl ad crashes cryptocurrency exchange

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The project’s team has extensive business expertise and comprises crypto… Before the COVID-19 pandemic in Asia there was a strong division between the crypto and financial markets in general. An attack in April 2022, which drained off nearly $80 million from various Rari Fuse pools, required the decentralized finance platform Fei Protocol to come up with a… South Korea’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance has issued a statement announcing that virtual asset airdrops can also be subject to the gift tax.

How does CoinGecko Calculate Cryptocurrency Prices?

Normally, the graph starts at the launch of the asset, but it is possible to select specific to and from dates to customize the chart to your own needs. These charts and their information are free to visitors of our website. FEG users can now swap tracking tokens received from staking on BNB Chain, search for the best prices to buy tokens across multiple DEXes, and tra… The price opened higher but failed to hold onto the gains and slipped to test the in…

This means that it’s roughly 15% down on the week, and its market cap is close to breaking below $400 billion. Bitcoin attempted a brief recovery but was stopped at $24,400 and dumped by another grand in the following hours. FTX has reportedly begun blocking accounts that have sent coins through, a private layer-2 chain provided by the Aztec Network on Ethereum. ZunaNauts is a new project that aims to reward investors for their faith in the project.

Market analysts have forecast that cryptocurrency’s huge booms in 2021 still have some way to go. Bitcoin has had a horror start to the new year, falling in value four of the last five days. Bitcoin’s bubble could burst and lose more than half of its value in 2022 as investor “mania” wears off, one investment firm has warned. Cryptocurrency prices are climbing after Russia’s ruble sank to another record low and Moscow was hit with new sanctions. The founder of the world’s second biggest cryptocurrency has gifted an Australian university more than $5 million to establish an online warning system for future pandemics. A cryptocurrency analyst predicted the punishing downturn would kill off up to 90 per cent of all crypto projects.

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